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Senior Research Scientist in Honeywell Romania SRL

Senior Research Scientist within the Sensors Laboratory Bucharest (SLB), which is part of Honeywell Romania. Please find below full Job Description. Should someone be interested in the job, please drop me an e-mail at Please attach a CV.

• Technical University Degree required, Ph.D. is a plus

• Scientific and functional excellence in applied physics or electrical engineering. Experience in sensing systems is a plus.
• Excellent and multiple scientific links within EU academic community
• Track record of writing scientific project proposals and winning external research contracts.
• Multiyear scientific research experience in the private/public sector. Teaching experience is a plus.
• Ability to work in multidisciplinary teams and to transfer ideas into equations and physics&chemistry based models.
• Innovative spirit with strong focus and determination for going beyond state of art in the field of sensors and sensing systems.
• Strong commitment on research program execution by meeting the critical to quality CTQ’s requirements of our customers
• Open minded in order to give, receive and request feedback.
• Ability to identify new research opportunities and to evaluate business relevance
• Program management expertise desired.

Works closely with the SLB manager, chief scientist, project managers, business developer and support coordinators.
• Maintains a close work relation with the other research scientists.

• To have a major contribution to the mission of Sensor Lab Bucharest for development of the next generation of advanced micro and nanotechnology based sensors, for organic growth of Honeywell business; requires cross SBU cooperation and external networking with local and EU scientific community.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Work in multidisciplinary research teams able to perform model-based design, where strong multidisciplinary scientific background is used to create virtual prototyping of the next generation of sensors.
• Perform inside/outside Honeywell networking activities for generating new project proposals for national and EU project proposals.
• Understand customer needs for transforming them into product technical requirements with major focus on critical to quality demands of the customer.
• Define new research projects aligned with Honeywell business based on early identification of new business opportunity for our company.
• Coordinate or perform (as needed) experimental testing for validating theoretical models and sensor designs.
• Lead research projects on innovative sensing technologies and systems, by following project management principles, including Honeywell defined methodology (by strong cooperation with lab/portfolio managers and chief scientist).
• Deploy and apply the DFSS methodology and tools in the projects in which he/she is involved.
• Be a champion of the robust model-based design and experimental prototype validation in early phases of projects for technical risk mitigation and further model refinement.
• Coordinate with the projects managers that the HSE regulations are fulfilled in the office and experimental lab.