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Biological systems: a structural-phenomenological approach

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Autori: Drochioiu, G

Editorial: Proceedings of the Nineteenth Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research, Trappl R. (ed.) Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies, Vienna, 1, p.203-208, 2008.


Eugen Macovschi has discovered and characterized the so-called biostructure of the living bodies, whereas Mihai Drãgãnescu developed a struc-tural-phenomenological outlook of the ortophysics. Among others, Basarab Nicolescu founded the paradigm of transdisciplinarity. These conceptual instruments share the desire of over passing the frame of nowadays-structural science in the search for a more comprehensive understanding of the Reality. However, complex biological systems are currently considered from the molecular point of view, although they become manifest as specific phenomena on highly space-structured bodies within the four-dimensional Universe. Therefore, this work aims at providing an in-depth analysis of current developments concerning biological systems as well as their evolution levels in the structural-phenomenological Universe. As a result, a clearer and research-based understanding of cellular biostructure occurred. Moreover, new aspects regarding the molecular, biostructural, and psycho-structural levels were considered. In addition, the relationship between mind and consciousness, as well as that between pathological changes and the biostructural levels were investigated.

Cuvinte cheie: biostructure, structure and phenomenon, biological systems, cancer cachexia