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Isothermal vapor-liquid equilibrium data for the binary cyclooctane + propylbenzene mixture at temperatures from 363.15 to 393.15 K

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Autori: Teodorescu M., Barhala A., Landauer O.

Editorial: ELDATA: Int. Electron. J. Phys.-Chem. Data, 2, p.97-102, 1996.


Isothermal vapor-liquid equilibrium data are reported at 363.15, 373.15, 383.15, and 393.15 K for binary cyclooctane + propylbenzene mixtures. The data were correlated using the Redlich-Kister equation taking into
account the vapor phase imperfection in terms of the 2nd virial coefficients. The calculated equimolar excess Gibbs energy is of the order of 170 J mol-1 at 363.15 K and decreases with increasing temperature.

Cuvinte cheie: vapour-liquid equilibria, cyclooctane, propylbenzene, experimental, correlation