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Non-linear Adaptive Controllers with Linear Dynamic Compensator and Neural Network

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Autori: Lungu Mihai, Lungu Romulus

Editorial: Proceedings of the 11th WSEAS International Conference on Automatic Control, Modelling And Simulation (ACMOS '09), p.334-339, 2009.


The paper presents complex adaptive non-linear systems with one input and one output which are based on dynamic inversion. Linear dynamic compensator makes the stabilization command of the linearised system using as input the difference between closed loop system’s output and the reference model’s output (command filter). The state vector of the linear dynamic compensator, the output and other state variables of the control system are used for adaptive control law’s obtaining; this law is modeled by a neural network.

Cuvinte cheie: sistem, control, adaptiv, optimal // system, control, adaptive, optimal