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PhD position (3 years) on solid state physics in Montpellier, France.

A PhD position (3 years) is opened in Group d’Etude des
Semiconducteurs (GES) in Montpellier, under supervision of Dr. Denis
Scalbert. The position is available beginning Mars 2010. It is fully funded by
European Union Marie Curie Initial Training Network “Clermont 4”. The
objectives of the network are centred on exciton-polaritons,
half-light-half matter quasiparticles in semiconductor microcavities.
The very specific properties of polaritons give rise to many beautiful
physical effects, such as Bose-Einstein condensation, superfluidity,
entanglement. We are looking for a motivated candidate to work on the
time- and polarization-resolved optical spectroscopy of polaritons.
The candidate will participate in international conferences and
schools organized by the Network, as well as in project meetings.
The application should include CV and a motivation letter.
Contact information:
Denis Scalbert:
Masha Vladimirova :
Tel: +33467143921