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„Facing the Challenges of the Future: Excellence in Business and Commodity Science”

The 17th IGWT Symposium and 2010 International Conference on Commerce
As a host of the 17th IGWT Symposium, it is my pleasure to invite you on this special occasion to Romania, during 21st – 25th September 2010.
We wish that our symposium „Facing the Challenges of the Future: Excellence in Business and Commodity Science” would become an efficient opportunity for scientific confrontation within the competition for the future. As this keen competition has already been started by global research for innovation, new specialists, more efficient management systems and a general social and economical development, it would be useful to sort out all the aspects that generate Excellence in Business and in Commodity Science and the restrictions imposed by sustainable development all over the world.
We are happy that the Symposium is held in Romania, namely in our University (The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies – ASE) the most important economical university in our country, almost 100 years old, within the Faculty of Commerce. We consider this place the most representative for debates that are going to take place during our symposium which enables mutual contribution of academic researchers, experts and specialist.
Besides the main activity in Bucharest we thought of offering a better possibility for you to get in touch with the Romanian atmosphere and tradition. We are convinced that the 17th IGWT Symposium will prove an exciting experience for us all and open new ways to find solutions to the challenges of the future. We are looking forward to meeting you here in Romania.