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Synthesizing attractors of Hindmarsh-Rose neuronal systems

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Autori: Marius-F. Danca, Qingyun Wang

Editorial: Springer, Nonlinear Dynamics, 62, (1), p.437-446, 2010.


In this paper a periodic parameter switch-
ing scheme is applied to the Hindmarsh-Rose neuronal
system to synthesize certain attractors. Results show
numerically, via computer graphic simulations, that the
obtained synthesized attractor belongs to the class of all
admissible attractors for the Hindmarsh-Rose neuronal
system and matches the averaged attractor obtained
with the control parameter replaced with the averaged
switched parameter values. This feature allows us to
imagine that living beings are able to maintain vital
behavior while the control parameter switches so that
their dynamical behavior is suitable for the given envi-

Cuvinte cheie: Hindmarsh-Rose model, chaotic attractors, local attractors, global attractors