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Nanoparticles of nickel oxide: growth and organization on zinc substituted anionic clay matrix by one – pot route at room – temperature

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Autori: Gabriela Carja (autor de corespondenta), Akira Nakajima, Cristian Dranca, Kiyoshi Okada

Editorial: JOURNAL OF NANOPRTICLE RESEARCH (SPRINGER PRESS), DOI 10.1007/s11051-010-9899-0 , 2010.


A room – temperature nanocarving strategy is developed for the fabrication of nanoparticles of nickel oxide on zinc substituted anionic clay matrix (Ni/ZnLDH). It is based on the growth and organization of nanoparticles of nickel oxide which occur during the structural reconstruction of the layered structure of the anionic clay in NiSO4 aqueous solution. No organic compounds are used during the fabrication. The described material was characterized by X – ray diffraction (XRD), IR spectroscopy (FTIR), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM), energy dispersive X – ray (EDX) spectroscopy and X – ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). Results show that the nickel – clay nanoarchitecture consists of small nanoparticles of nickel oxide (average size 7 nm) deposited on the larger nanoparticles (average size 90 nm) of zinc substituted clay. The optical properties of the new nickel-zinc formulation are studied by UV-Vis.

Cuvinte cheie: nanoparticule // nanoparticles