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Immediate Available Career Opportunities Research Staff Members / Postdoctoral Researchers

The Next Generation Middleware Department at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
(in Hawthorne, New York, US) is seeking exceptional individuals to work on a variety of
challenging projects. The department has many areas of research interests, including
multimedia collaboration systems, service-oriented architectures for cloud computing,
resource management, performances modeling and optimization and advanced
middleware services for dynamic business processes.
The potential research fields for Research Staff Member positions include software
exploitation of commercial workloads in emerging architectures; emerging massive
multicore/multithread architectures and accelerators for the execution of commercial
workloads including business analytics, databases, and Web applications; holistic
approaches for cross-system configuration, performance investigation and runtime
optimization. Relevant areas of research include benchmarking, workload
characterization / profiling, performance modeling and online control, scalability and
parallelization, high availability, cross system communications, hybrid and
heterogeneous computing architectures.
We are investigating new paradigms and solutions for building, deploying and managing
enterprise applications in a cloud environment including private, public and hybrid clouds.
Specific areas of research include but are not limited to 1) horizontal (e.g., across
domains and clouds) and vertical (across layers from infrastructure to applications
through VM) distributed management where management covers application lifecycle
management, connectivity, monitoring, end-to-end security and QoS specification and
runtime enforcement, 2) new opportunities offered by cloud computing environments
such as collaborative development, leveraging social networking concepts to cloud
services development and management, creating and leveraging large ecosystems of
services, controlled community data sharing for collaboration and business analytics ,
and 3) modeling for the cloud.
We are also looking for Postdoctoral Researcher candidates in the research area of
multimedia workloads in emerging accelerator hardware and heterogeneous systems.
Specific topics of research include but are not limited to: leveraging emerging massively
multicore/multithreaded heterogeneous architectures in the execution of multimedia
workloads in accelerators and computing appliances. In particular, we are interested in
multimedia applications such as video streaming, intelligent peer-to-peer routing,
analytics, encoding/decoding/transcoding, metadata extraction, image processing, etc,
running on acceleration architectures such as GPU, FPGA, ARM, and PowerEN.
Successful candidates would have:
– Demonstrated research excellence and a proven publication record in this research
– Preferably prior experience working in research environments and knowledge in one
or more of the following areas: multimedia, massively multicore/multithreaded
computer architectures, distributed systems, networking, service-oriented
– Strong programming skills (C/C++, Java, etc.; experience with software platforms
such as OpenCL and X10 is a plus)
– A PhD degree in Computer Science or a related field.
– Creativity, enthusiasm and self-motivation
Please check the following link of the job posting for more details, and apply on-line:
Please also contact Drs Liana Fong (, Isabelle Rouvellou
(, Chai Wu (, Li Zhang (,
Yuqing Gao (, and Arun Iyengar (
Thank you for you interest in IBM Research!