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Natural volatiles impair the response of Hylobius abietis adults to synthetic attractants in Norway spruce clear cut areas

Domenii publicaţii > Stiinte ingineresti + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Duduman M. L., Olenici N., Bouriaud O., Olenici V.

Editorial: Editura Silvica, Annals of Forest Research, 52, p.77-88, 2009.


For over 20 years it has been known that mature adults of Hylobius abietis
are attracted by the combination of alpha-pinene and ethanol. However, it is not
clear to what extent weevil response to these stimuli is influenced when large quantities
of similar volatile substances are present in the environment, and how the
response depends on the release rate of volatile substances from traps. Nothing that,
in fresh Norway spruce clear-cuttings, the mature weevils were equally attracted to
the traps baited with dispencers having different release rates, we assumed that the
experiment results were affected by the abundance of natural volatile substances
issued from the fresh slash, which masked the differences between olfactory signals
released from traps. To verify this hypothesis, the experiment conducted in fresh
clear-cuttings was repeated in exactly the same place after almost a year, when the
overground slash were old. For seven weeks, at the beginning of growing season
2008, in two experimental areas, 6 different combinations of alpha-pinen and ethanol
were tested using the traps buried in the soil. In both experimental area was captured
about the same number of weevils and catch dynamics were similar. In the first two
weeks of experimentation, when there were the highest captures, but also for the
entire period of experimentation, there were significant differences between the tested
variants in what concerns the average number of captures, the traps baited with
dispenser providing higher release rate of ethanol and alpha-pinene having higher
catches. This shows that in the first season of vegetation the weevil response to the
attractants was affected by the profusion of similar volatile substances issued from
natural sources (fresh cutt stumps, branches, foliage, bark etc.).

Cuvinte cheie: Hylobius abietis, atractanti sintetici, alfa-pinen, etanol, rate de eliberare, parchete proaspete/vechi // Hylobius abietis, synthetic attractants, alpha-pinene, ethanol, release rates, weevil`s response, fresh/old clear cuttings