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Magnetism and magnetotransport of strongly disordered Zn1-xMnxGeAs2 semiconductor: The role of nanoscale magnetic clusters

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Autori: L Kilanski, M Górska, W Dobrowolski, E Dynowska, M Wójcik, B J Kowalski, J R Anderson, C R Rotundu, D K Maude, S A Varnavskiy, I V Fedorchenko, and S F Marenkin

Editorial: AIP, Journal of Applied Physics, 108, p.073925, 2010.


We present systematic studies of magnetic and transport properties of Zn1-xMnxGeAs2 semimagnetic semiconductor with the chemical composition varying between 0.05310^19 cm^-3 and relatively low mobilities, mu<15 cm^2(Vs), also chemical composition dependent. The magnetic investigations showed the presence of paramagnet-ferromagnet phase transitions with transition temperatures greater than 300 K for the samples with x> 0.078. We prove by means of x-ray diffraction, nuclear magnetic resonance, and scanning electron microscopy techniques that the observed room temperature ferromagnetism is due to the presence of MnAs inclusions. The high field magnetoresistance showed the presence of giant magnetoresistance effect with maximum amplitudes around 50% due to the presence of nanosize ferromagnetic grains.

Cuvinte cheie: semiconductors