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Dr. Gheorghe Paun omagiat de Research Group on Natural Computing

Natural Computing – In Honour of Gheorghe Paun’s 60th Birthday
– Ninth Brainstorming Week on Membrane Computing – BWMC11 (31st jan-4th feb 2011)
– University of Sevilla, Spain, Research Group on Natural Computing
Ref. : , P systems („P” from „Paun”)-

„At the present time, Natural Computing consists of three branches. The first is based on observations of the brains operation and has as a theoretical model, artificial neural networks (McCulloch and Pitts 1943). The second branch is based on the properties of DNA and it has as precedents genetic algorithms created by (Holland 1975), the Splicing model (Head 1987), and Molecular Computing (Adleman 1994). The third branch of Natural Computing is based on the operation of the cells and has P systems (Paun 1998) as a theoretical model. Genetic algorithms and neural networks have been implemented on conventional electronic computers. DNA-based molecular computing has been implemented in the laboratory. P systems have yet to be implemented electronically or biologically.”
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