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Etude sur la reconnaissance des anions par des méthodes spectrales

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Autori: Ramona Weisz, Cristina-Andreea Amarandei, Eleonora-Mihaela Ungureanu, Liviu Birzan

Editorial: U. P. B. Sci. Bull., Serie B,, 72(4), p.131-44, 2010.


The purpose of this work is to evidence by spectral methods the complexation effect of the azulenic ligand perchlorate de 2,6-di(tien-2yl)-4-(azulen-1-yl)-pyrilium upon the anions HSO4 -, NO3-, H2PO4-, Br- and I, in view of their molecular ecognition. The tests have been erformed in acetonitrile solutions. The evolution of the ligand absorption spectra during the anions addition has been examined and spectral calibration curves have been obtained.

Cuvinte cheie: azulene, pyrilium, spectral recognition