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Solvent-free oxidation of primary carbon-hydrogen bonds in toluene using Au-Pd alloy nanoparticles

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Autori: Kesavan, L., Tiruvalam, R., Rahim, M.H.A., Saiman, M.I.B., Enache, D.I., Jenkins, R.L., Dimitratos, N., Lopez-Sanchez, J.A., Taylor, S.H., Knight, D.W., Kiely, C.J., Hutchings, G.J.

Editorial: Science, 331 (6014), p.195-199, 2011.


Selective oxidation of primary carbon-hydrogen bonds with oxygen is of crucial importance for the sustainable exploitation of available feedstocks. To date, heterogeneous catalysts have either shown low activity and/or selectivity or have required activated oxygen donors. We report here that supported gold-palladium (Au-Pd) nanoparticles on carbon or TiO2 are active for the oxidation of the primary carbon-hydrogen bonds in toluene and related molecules, giving high selectivities to benzyl benzoate under mild solvent-free conditions. Differences between the catalytic activity of the Au-Pd nanoparticles on carbon and TiO2 supports are rationalized in terms of the particle/support wetting behavior and the availability of exposed corner/edge sites.

Cuvinte cheie: Selective oxidation, Au catalyst, Au-Pd catalyst