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European Defence Conference 2011

The European Defence Conference 2011 is an interactive two day conference with many options for discussion, debate and Europe wide networking, organised in consultation with EDA and ASD. The EDC2011 will be held in Warsaw 20 and 21 October 2011.

The aim of the conference is to foster cooperation in the defence and security sector between private companies, knowledge institutes, governments and international organizations. The programme provides opportunities for discussion on policy and procedures, briefing of recent R&T results and proposals for future cooperation.

For more information on participation and opportunities to contribute visit the website:

If you have any questions about participating, exhibiting or sponsorship please contact the event lab. conference office at E: or T: +49 341-24059671

The EDC Executive Team

Conference topics

Vision on future Intra European cooperation in defence and security
Industry views on future cooperation
Co-operative policies and practice
Participation of less involved member states and SME´s
Recent Research and Technology results
Proposals for future cooperation