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Intelligent Sensor for Non-destructive Tests Applications

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Autori: Irinela Chilibon

Editorial: Sergey Y. Yurish, IFSA, Sensors & Transducers Journal, Volume 10, p.13-29, 2011.


This paper presents theoretical and experimental research concerning the manufacture of an
intelligent piezoceramic sensor for non-destructive tests (NDT) applications in non-metallic materials.
The impact-echo method is suitable for determination of flaw in the material structure, based on stress
wave propagation. This method could be applied for non-metallic materials with rugged and nonhomogeneous
structures. The active element of the intelligent piezoceramic sensor for NDT
applications is a piezoceramic disc which converts the vibrations into electrical signal, amplified by an
amplifier electronic circuit. The radial resonant frequency of the piezoceramic disc is 40.5 kHz,
optimum for the ultrasound and low frequency sound vibration propagation into non-metallic
materials. The intelligent sensor with piezoceramic disc is composed by: PZT piezoceramic disc,
mechanical elements, acoustic attenuation element and amplifier electronic circuit, all together fixed
into a cylindrical aluminium case. The advantage of this sensor is the possibility to be controlled by

Cuvinte cheie: NDT, Impact-echo method, PZT, Piezoceramic disc, Ultrasound