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Structural and electrochemical characterization of Ti O2 /Pt hybrid catalyst for direct bio-ethanol fuel cell

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Autori: A. Banu, N. Spataru, V S Teodoresu, A V Maraloiu, I Voiculescu, M Marcu, T. Spataru

Editorial: Journal of optoelectronics and advanced materials, , vol. 12, no.5, may, p.p 1189-119, 2010.


The paper is focused on preparation and microstructure and electrochemical characterization of carbon-TiO2/Pt catalyst
used as electrode in fuel cells applications. The platinum deposition was comparatively studied on graphitized carbon
substrate and carbon substrate covered with titanium oxide. A strong influence on the platinum deposition, depending of the
TiO2 presence, was found. The platinum nanoparticles about 5 nm in size are dispersed in aggregates of 50 to 100 nm on
the catalyst surface. This dispersion is strongly affected by the titanium oxide and the substrate porosity. The Pt/TiO2/G and
Pt/G electrodes were tested for their catalytic activity in the oxidation of ethanol. The prepared Pt/TiO2/G electrode show
higher active surface area than for the Pt/G electrode, this increase in the surface area could be explained to be due to a
spreading of wetting or the formation of new active sites at the Pt/oxide interface.

Cuvinte cheie: fizica, electronica, optica, materiale, nanostructura // physics, Electronics, optics, materials, nanostructure

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