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Epidemiology of Hypoderma infection in south-west Romania

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Autori: I. Cosoroaba, Cristina R. T., Darabus Gh., Oprescu I.

Editorial: Revue de Médecine Vétérinaire, ISSN 0035-1555,, 145, 8-9, p.559-661, 1994.


One hundred and forty six cows of different ages (1-12 years) and which had not been treated against Hypoderma infection have been examined weekly for 8 months (January to August, 1993) to record the number hypodermic nodules and the appearance of LIII larvae. Nodules appeared on 55 animals in January, 15 in February, 4 in March, and 7 in April, for an overall 55.5 % on infected animals. The period of nodules ranged from 5, in a 3-year old cow to 49 in a 2 year-old heifer. In 1992, the grazing period lasted from April, 15th to October, 30th. The first eclosion was recorded on May 2, 1993 and nodules remained on 8 animals on August, the 2nd, date of the last examination. All the infections were due to Hypoderma bovis.

Cuvinte cheie: Hypoderma bovis, Romania, epidemiologie, bovinee. // Hypoderma bovis, Romania, epidemiology, cattle.