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Dynamic Simulation of Someş River Pollution Using MATLAB and COMSOL Models

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Autori: Ani E.C., Cristea V.M., Agachi, P.Ş., Kraslawski A.

Editorial: SC BIBLIOTECA CHIMIEI SA. , Revista de Chimie, 61, p.1108-1112, 2010.


The present paper is aimed to river water quality modelling. A numerical and an analytical model have been developed in order to predict the transport of pollutants in the Romanian Somes River. A novel approach for the analytical modelling offers the opportunity to use variable parameters along the river length. Space dependent model parameters have been used for both solutions. The modelling results provide information on the time and space evolution of pollutant concentration. Comparison between results of the two models reveals their incentives and limitations.

Cuvinte cheie: pollutant transport model; Somes River; numerical model; analytical model