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Selection of models for pollutants transport in river reaches using case based reasoning

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Autori: Ani E.C., Avramenko Y., Kraslawski A., Agachi P.Ş.

Editorial: Elsevier, Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 27, p.537-542, 2009.


The paper presents a case based reasoning (CBR) tool designed for the identification of crucial information for the modelling of pollutant transport in rivers. The developed CBR tool is using a case base comprising published information. This information regards pollutant transport modelling work carried out for different rivers. The models from the case base are designed for a specific river reach. For an unstudied reach it is possible to find a model for pollutant transport based on the comparison between the characteristics of that river reach with the characteristics of the already studied reaches, stored in the case base. The reaches of Somes River were compared against the reaches in the case base, and information for pollutant transport modelling was identified. The developed tool is also applicable in the case of other rivers were no detailed concentration measurements are available and the mathematical models for pollutant transport are needed.

Cuvinte cheie: pollutant transport modelling, water quality modelling, case-based reasoning, Somes River