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2H NMR spectroscopy of some Romanian comercial wines

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Autori: A. Pirnau, M. Bogdan, C. G. Floare, Dana Alina Magdas

Editorial: STUDIA Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Chemia, LV(3), p.235, 2010.


The requirements for quality food products have been increased in recent years and the interest in the quality and purity of spirits, wines and fruit juices has grown in this connection as well. In the early 90`s the EU adopted the 2H-NMR method for wine analysis as an official method (EEC 2676/90), in order to tackle the problem of over-chapitalization of wines in Europe. A deuterium natural abundance quantitative NMR method (SNIF-NMR) was developed as an efficient and powerful tool capable of characterizing the chemical origins of organic molecules and distinguishing their biological and geographical origin. Usually this type of measurements are performed with dedicated NMR equipments and computerized programs elaborated, commercialized and maintained by Eurofins Scientific (France).

Cuvinte cheie: 2H NMR, wine, isotopic ratio