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Robust control solutions for some classes of hysteretic processes

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Autori: Lupu Ciprian, Udrea Andreea, Popescu Dumitru

Editorial: 2009 17th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, p.480-485, 2009.


The paper proposes a combined feedforward –
feedback control scheme with nonlinear compensator as a
solution for some classes of hysteretic processes. This is developed
using the nonlinear geometric characteristic of the process and a
classical robust control algorithm. The design methods for the
components of the proposed structure are based on experimental
tests, classic identification and closed loop pole placement
methods. The applicability of the proposed method and of other
recent methods is proved using a real-time structure
implementation based on a RST control algorithm. A comparison
between them and the analysis on advantages and disadvantages
was made. In the end, its software implementation and the
obtained results are also showed and commented.

Cuvinte cheie: histerezis, control robust, procese neliniare, sisteme in timp real // hysteresis, robust control, nonlinear process, real time systems