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Progress and program update of the European Defence Conference 2011

Progress and program update of the European Defence Conference 2011

European defence needs and the R&D response – a forum for debate on policy and cooperation

With this message we would like to give you a short overview of progress and program updates concerning the European Defence Conference 2011 on the 20th and 21st October in Warsaw/Poland.

Confirmed Speakers
We have received confirmation of the following speakers:

• Dr. Christian Ehler, Security and Defence Committee member in the Europarliament and chairman of the German European Security Association (GESA). He will speak and participate in the panel discussion on „Relevance of EU security research program for Defence cooperation” (1-4).
• Mr. Luigi Rebuffi, CEO of EOS (European Organisation for Security) and Deputy director for Security of ASD (Aerospace and Defence Industry Association of Europe) takes part in the same panel discussion.
• Mr. Hans-Martin Pastuszka, Member of the FP7 Security Advisory Group (SecAG) and senior researcher at Fraunhofer INT, will speak at the „Closing session and Wrap-Up” (0-6).
• Dr. Anders Eriksson of the Swedish FOI, strategic co-ordinator of European programmes, expert in technology and innovation policy, will lead the debate session 2-4 with the modified title “Bridging the gaps in Europe: R&T and innovation”.
• Mr. P.J. (Jelle) Keuning, R&T director of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence, will chair the debate session on “EDA policies and procedures” 1-1.
• Mr. R.F. (Rob) de Jong, chairman of the National Armament Directors Committee of the EDA, will participate in the panel debate “Multinational defense cooperation policies and future visions” (1-2).

Extension of Early Bird Registration
Following further agreement with the Novotel in Warsaw, where the conference will take place, we are happy to announce that we can extend the early bird registration until the 17th of April.

You could also exhibit the capabilities of your company during the EDC2011.
Please contact Mr. Arnd Brannolte at the conference office for details.
T: +49 341 240596-81 or E:

Call for Abstracts and Posters
The call for abstracts and posters for the snapshot sessions is still open for contribution and free slots are available.
For your contribution to the snapshot session on „R&T Project Results” (2-2) on the 20th of October, please visit:
For your contribution to the snapshot session on „Plans and ideas for R&D projects” (2-3) on the 21st of October, please visit:

For the most recent information please visit our website:

With kind regards,
The EDC Executive Team
Fraunhofer INT (Germany)
WISER Consultancy (The Netherlands)