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The Innovation Forum for Mobility and Trusted Technologies & Services


Now in its 12th edition, Smart Event will provide a high level international forum for researchers, academics, engineers, business managers, governmental professionals & industry leaders to share their vision, to present state-of-the-art research and to discuss the most recent advances in:
– SMART/DIGITAL SECURITY at e-Smart conference
– TRUSTED MOBILE COMPUTING at Smart Mobility conference
– e-ID/e-ID GOV at World e-ID conference

The Smart Event conferences Program Committees are seeking new topics for consideration for this year’s edition. Let your research works and your expertise be heard at an event gathering:
– 700 participants from 45+ countries
– 150+ speakers along 30 sessions, 6 parallel streams

The proposed topics should fall into one of the following complementary topics of the 3 international conferences:
1/ e-SMART / „The future of digital security technologies”
Hardware & Embedded Software for Trusted Computing & Smart Cards | Secure Communications Protocols | Methodologies for Security Implementation & Testing | Smart Connectivity | Ubiquitous cryptology

2/ SMART MOBILITY / „The building of trusted mobile applications”
Trust, Security & Privacy Protection in Mobile Operating Systems and Application Delivery Process | Servers & Middleware Security Issues in Mobile Systems | Management, Deployment, Adoption & Diffusion of Mobile Applications & Services

3/ WORLD e-ID / „The next generation of e-ID management technologies & services”
Large scale e-ID management programs & roll-outs (with special session on Africa and Middle-East) | Passports, e-ID Cards, Driving Licenses | Biometrics and emerging e-ID technologies | e-Health | Access Control Systems

READ FULL CALLS FOR PAPERS and Program Committees members’ lists of each
– e-Smart:
– Smart Mobility:
– World e-ID:

Proposals must be submitted using the submission template available online:
The deadline for proposal submission is now Friday April 8, 2011 (extended submission deadline).