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Modelling the wave-current interactions in an offshore basin using the SWAN model

Domenii publicaţii > Stiinte ingineresti + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Rusu, L., Guedes Soares, C.

Editorial: ELSEVIER, Ocean Engineering, Volume: 38, Issue: 1, p.63-76, 2011.


The theoretical background of the wave-current interactions, including the transformation of the wave spectrum and breaking waves due to currents, are first presented in this work. In the next part of the work, experimental data resulted from studies performed in an offshore wave basin of the Danish Hydraulic Institute concerning the wave-current interactions were presented in parallel with some wave model simulations performed in similar conditions. SWAN, which is presently the state-of-the-art spectral model for the wave transformations, was adopted for performing numerical simulations. In general, a good agreement was encountered between the experimental data and the simulation results. (C) 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Cuvinte cheie: Interactions, Waves, Currents, SWAN, Experimental data, Offshore basin