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A comparison between the characteristics of the excimer radiation emitted by XeI2 / XeCl2 plasma in a dielectric barrier discharge at moderate pressures

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Autori: Ciobotaru, L.C.; Porosnicu, C.; Lungu, C.P.; Falie, D

Editorial: J.E. Jones, IEEE-Conference Proceedings, Gas Discharges and Their Applications, 2008. GD 2008. 17th International Conference on , p.293-296, 2010.


The paper presents the comparative results concerning the excimer intensity radiation emitted by xenon-iodine/chlorine gas mixtures with and without buffer-gases, namely Ar, He and Ne, in a dielectric barrier discharge at moderate pressure (20-40Torr). It was established the optimum for the total pressure of the gas mixture vs. the emitted radiation intensity. Changes appear in the presence of the buffer-gases. The optimal iodine/chlorine pressure range was investigated and also the linear increase of UV power vs. Xe pressure

Cuvinte cheie: dielectric barrier discharge, buffer gases, excimer radiation emission