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Title: Investigations of Buffer-Gases Role in Xenon and Halogen Excimer Mixtures

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Autori: Ciobotaru, LC; Porosnicu, C

Editorial: Kobayashi A; Miyasaka T; Krasa J , AIP Conference Proceedings, -NEW TREND IN APPLIED PLASMA SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY , 1282, p.75-81, 2010.


Excimer-is an acronym in use for the excited dimmer, molecule which does not exist in the ground state but only in an excited state. This paper presents the role of the buffer-gas atoms (Ar, Ne, He), in the (Cl-2/I-2 Xe) excimer radiation emission mechanisms. The same buffer-gas produced a different effect on the excimer emission intensity: the neon and argon addition to xenon/chlorine/iodine had a negative effect while the helium and neon addition had a positive effect. The Penning reactions play an important role in the excimer radiation generation in connection with the gas-buffer addition and the halogen ionization potential value. The measurements are performed using a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) at moderate pressure in a panel, respectively classic coaxial geometry.

Cuvinte cheie: Buffer-gas; Halogen nature; Excimer emission; Penning reaction; DBD