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IEEE Future Directions

IEEE Future Directions is sponsoring a high level thought leadership event to discuss revolutionary technology platforms that will change our lives in the next decade. They are: Cloud Computing, Future wireless, Mobile and Silicon Technologies, Biomedical Engineering and E-Health, Smart Grid, Energy Harvesting, Digital Content, Carbon Nanostructures and the Internet of Things.
To learn more about the Symposium and to register please go to
The conference organizers have assembled a set of world renowned experts in all these fields making the IEEE Technology Time Machine (IEEE TTM) a truly unique opportunity to network with worldwide industry, government and academic leaders.
This is a first time ever IEEE event of its kind and you have a unique opportunity to be part of this.
The early bird deadline for IEEE TTM registration is fast approaching the May 7, 2011 deadline.
IEEE TTM will be held June 1-3 at the Sheraton Hotel in Hong Kong.
I hope to see you there!

Roberto de Marca
Executive Chair, IEEE TTM 2011 (
Past IEEE Technical Activities Vice President
Past IEEE Future Directions Committee Chairman