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Generalized Barut-Girardello Coherent States for Mixed States with Arbitrary Distribution

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Autori: Duşan Popov, Nicolina Pop, Viorel Chiritoiu, Ioan Luminosu, Marius Costache

Editorial: International Journal of Theoretical Physics , 49, p.661-, 2010.


In the paper we examine some properties of the generalized coherent states of the
Barut-Girardello kind. These states are defined as eigenstates of a generalized lowering operator
and they are strongly dependent on the structure constants. Besides the pure coherent
states we focused our attention on the mixed states one, which are characterized by different
probability distributions. As some examples we consider the thermal canonical distribution
and the Poisson distribution functions. We calculate for these cases the Husimi’s Q and
quasi-probability P-distribution functions.

Cuvinte cheie: Stari coerente, Oscilatorul armonic, Oscilatorul pseudoharmonic, Poisson // Coherent states, Harmonic oscillator, Pseudoharmonic oscillator, Poisson