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Assisted Research of the Neural Network

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Autori: Adrian D.Olaru, Serban A. Olaru

Editorial: Yi Hang, IEEE, Proceedings, ICMENS 2010, p.1-5, 2010.


The paper open the way to the assisted choose of the optimal neural network. There are shown some important neurons type, transfer functions, weights and biases of neurons, and some complex layers with different type of neurons in a static and dynamic networks. By using the proper virtual LabVIEW instrumentation were established some influences of the network parameters to the number of iterations till canceled the mean square error to the target. Were presented the simulation of some different neural network types like linear, sigmoid, sigmoid bipolar and radial. For some of more important, were presented the complex mathematical models and numerical simulation using the proper teaching law.

Cuvinte cheie: retele neuronale; neuroni; control sistem; simulare virtuala; instrumentatie LabVIEW // neural network; neurons; control system; virtual simulation; LabVIEW instrumentation