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On-line access to the university digital libraries

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Autori: Logica Banica, Florin Smaranda

Editorial: Kavala Institute of Technology, Greece, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference EBEEC 2010, The Economies of Balkan and Eastern Europe countries in the changed world - ISBN: 978-960-363-033-3 , p.115-120, 2010.


In respect of the new European Union objectives regarding the promotion of the environment for digital services, this article refers to a new software application for accessing university digital libraries. Many Romanian academic libraries have gradually changed their preferences, evolving from traditional publications to the digital content, and are open to exchange information with other libraries. Considering that, the article proposes a software for university library access, along with a new approach that ensures the possibilities for students to read any of the digital books existing in any university library connected to our system.
Building and ensuring the access to an university digital library system means a large participation from public, private, and governmental bodies to determine common standards, management activities, intellectual property rights and electronic document delivery.
UDL System (University Digital Libraries) is a website-based solution for large access to the virtual publications of Romanian university libraries. This paper refers to the UDL system structure, the tools used, the characteristics of the implementation for e-library domain and the advantages and limitations of the experimental system.

Cuvinte cheie: biblioteca digitala, site web, conexiune, programare client-server // Digital Library, Website, Database Connection, Server Side Programming