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Hypergeometric type operators and their supersymmetric partners

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Autori: Nicolae Cotfas and Liviu Adrian Cotfas

Editorial: Journal of Mathematical Physics, 52, p.052101, 2011.


The generalization of the factorization method performed by Mielnik [J. Math. Phys. 25, 3387 (1984)] opened new ways to generate exactly solvable potentials in quantum mechanics. We present an application of Mielnik’s method to hypergeometric type operators. It is based on some solvable Riccati equations and leads to a unitary description of the quantum systems exactly solvable in terms of orthogonal polynomials or associated special functions.

Cuvinte cheie: factorization method,supersymmetric quantum mechanics,orthogonal polynomials,associated special functions,Schrodinger equation