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Domenii publicaţii > Ştiinţe medicale + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în volumul unei conferinţe

Autori: Carmen Hura, B.A.Hura –

Editorial: Ed. John Libbery EUROTEXT Paris,ISBN - 2742004297: 978 - 2 7420 04294, Metal Ions in Biology and Medicine, vol.7, p.621 - 624, 2002.


Ever since humans have become aware that health is inseparably linked to an intact and healthy environment, the control and reduction of pollution have become the focus of worldwide concern. The studies on heavy metals concentrations in human placenta and human milk have been performed, as a continuation of the research conserning heavy metals concentrations in biological and in food samples by atomic absorption spectrophotometry method. The aim of thise study was the evaluation of the metals contents in the maternal body.
The study presents the results obtained in 2000-2001 period of some metals [Pb, Cd, Zn, Cu, Mn] in maternal body, in Iassy district, it was investigated if heavy metals levels from human placenta and human milk reflect the body burden of these chemicals.A total of 50 women (18-30 years old) participated in the study voluntarily. The women were giving birth to their first or second child at “Cuza Voda” Hospital of Iassy in 2000-2001 (april – may) period. The milk samples had been collected manually preferentially before the infant was nursed in the morning. Trace elements concentrations were analysed by atomic absorption spectrophotometry, using a Carl Zeiss Jena, Model AAS-1N, with flame air-acethylene.
In all analysed samples these metals were found. Generally, a wide variation between individual samples was observed.
Placenta: The mean metals levels in the maternal placenta varied between 0.2 g/kg Cd and 8.18 g/kg Zn.
Human milk: The results of the investigations showed a variation of heavy metals between 0.3 g/kg Cd and 12.46 g/kg Zn.
Determinations of these pollutants in human body are important in environmental monitoring for the prevention, control and reduction of pollution as well as for occupational health and epidemiological studies.

Cuvinte cheie: heavy metals, human body,Romania

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