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Genetics Internship/PhD/Postdoc Opportunity in Japan

Maeshima Laboratory at National Institute of Genetics (Mishima, Japan) is seeking for a highly motivated student to study human genome organization in the chromosome by novel interdisciplinary approaches including physics and chemistry.
Maeshima et al. (2010). Chromatin structure: does the 30-nm fibre exist in vivo? Current Opinion in Cell Biology 22, 1-7.
In NIG PhD course, all the education is done in English. Japanese is not required. The students can study and perform excellent science. Student dormitory is available at NIG. To join our PhD course, there are two possibilities:
1. NIG International Graduate Program (IGP)
For excellent students, a few positions with full fellowship are available. But the selection is very competitive. GRE score is required.
2. NIG Graduate Program
The students are partly supported by NIG research associate system (essentially self-supporting). Tuition fees are required but often dispensed or reduced for foreign students. If performance of the student is very good, further support will be considered by our grant.
Note that the education and training in both possibilities are exactly same.
NIG also has a summer internship program:
(The deadline of this year has already passed. )
For further information, please contact:
Kazuhiro Maeshima, Professor
Biological Macromolecules Laboratory,
Structural Biology Center,
National Institute of Genetics

Department of Genetics, School of Life Science,
Graduate University for Advanced Studies (Sokendai)

Mishima, Shizuoka, 411-8540 JAPAN