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Optimization of synthesis parameters in interfacial polycondensation using design of experiments

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Autori: Iliescu, S; Grozav, I; Funar-Timofei, S; et al.

Editorial: Polymer Bulletin , 64(3), p.303-314 , 2010.


The reaction of phenylphosphonic dichloride with 4,4′-cyclohexylidenebisphenol by a gas-liquid interfacial polycondensation was investigated. The design of experiments (DoE) method is used for determination of the best reaction conditions. The correlation of simultaneous influence of the parameters (reaction time, reaction temperature, alkaline medium, reagents molar ratio) on yield and inherent viscosity was studied.

Cuvinte cheie: Gas-liquid; Interfacial polycondensation; Design of experiments