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X-ray micro-tomography studies on carbon based composite materials for porosity network characterization

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Autori: I. Tiseanu, E. Tsitrone, A.Kreter, T. Craciunescu, T. Loarer, B. Pégourié, T. Dittmar

Editorial: Fusion Engineering and Design, 2011.


Quantitative characterization of the porosity structure of the carbon reinforced carbon fibre (CFC) materials is carried out by high resolution cone-beam X-ray micro-tomography (CBmCT). It is shown that CBmCT provides useful information pertaining to the in-depth fuel migration into carbon tiles function of the CFC material structure. The investigated materials comprised two types of non-irradiated CFC samples (former ITER reference CFC NB31 and JET CFC DMS780) and a series of CFC N11 samples in the frame of the Deuterium Inventory in Tore Supra (DITS) post-mortem analysis. A procedure for the quantitative evaluation of the CFC porosity factor has been introduced and tested. Useful information about the pores connectivity as well as the metal impregnation inside the CFC macroscopic pores, in case of heat sink region of the TS CFC, can be retrieved. The method can be used for the quality control monitoring of the new CFC ITER reference materials.

Cuvinte cheie: CFC, PFC, Porosity factor, X-ray tomography