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GPR Hardware – Stepped-frequency continuous-wave radar

Domenii publicaţii > Stiinte ingineresti + Tipuri publicaţii > Capitol de carte

Autori: A. S. Turk, P. van Genderen, A.Yarovoy and I. Nicolaescu

Editorial: Ahmet Serdar Turk, Ali Koksal Hocaoglu, and Alexey A.Vertiy, John Wiley & Sons, Inc, Subsurface Sensing , 2011.


The use of electromagnetic waves for subsurface sensing has enjoyed a lot of interest due to the three main advantages over the other types of sensors: no need of direct ground contact, the ability to detect metallic as well as non-metallic objects and the ability to make 3D imaging. Although the time domain systems are much easier to build there are some reasons to use frequency systems such as: wider dynamic range, higher mean power and, probably the most important one, the possibility of shaping the power spectral density. In the case of a frequency system one or more continuous signals are sent to the ground. The backscatter signals depend on the reflectivity contrast between the medium and the object to be looked for. The chapter describes a stepped frequency continuous wave systems, which operates from 400 MHz to 4845 MHz, the calibration procedure used to remove the delays within the antenna system, a matched filter synthetic aperture procedure used to improve the cross-range resolution and the experimental results obtained by the author at International Research Centre for Telecommunications and Radar- Delft University of Technology.

Cuvinte cheie: ground penetrating radar, subsurface sensing