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Polymer – Coated Ferrite Nanocomposites Synthesized by Plasma Polymerization

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Autori: I. Neamţu, A. Ioanid, A.P. Chiriac, L.E. Niţã, G.E. Ioanid, M. C. Popescu

Editorial: Rom. J. Phys, 50 (9-10), p.1081-1087, 2005.


Magnetic nanocomposites are an important class of advanced functional
materials on the basis of a magnetic material and a matrix. To achieve unique
mechanical, physical, chemical, and biomedical properties, one must be able to tailor
only the surface structures of a nanoparticle. This requires the deposition of ultrathin
and uniform films using the possibility offered by cold-plasma polymerisation
process. The paper presents the synthesis of a magnetic composite based on ferrite
and a vinyl polymer, with some data of physico-chemical characterization.

Cuvinte cheie: plasma polymerization, vinyl monomer, ferrite, magnetic nanocomposite.