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Electrochemical deposition of polianiline thin films on carbonic substrates for utilization as hydrogen mediator and self catalyst in fuel cells

Domenii publicaţii > Stiinte ingineresti + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Gimi A. Rimbu, Mihai Iordoc, Radu Vasilescu-Mirea, Ioan Stamatin, Traian Zaharescu

Editorial: Revista de Chimie (60), nr.12, p.p.1285-128, 2009.


Experiments regarding the electro deposition and the characterization of polyaniline (PANI) films on Toray Graphite Paper TGPH – 090 type based carbonic substrate, via Cyclic Voltammetry are presented. The CVs at different scanning rates show a complex stepped mechanism of PANI electro-polymerization. At a fixed scanning rate of 20mV/s, the deposited film weight increases proportional with number of cycles at a rate of 1mg/(cm2 cycle), which is in agreement with similar results reported in case of metallic working electrode. The SEM micrograph of the electrochemical synthesized PANI film shows a disordered amorphous lump structure with a large porosity. The FTIR spectra confirm the formation of polyaniline on TGPH substrate in H2SO4 medium. The band at 1296 cm-1, which is ascribed to the C-N stretching vibration of emeraldine salt form in bulk PANI is considerably shifted towards higher frequencies (1300-1311cm-1). The slightly shift from 1296 cm-1 to 1300 cm-1 can be assigned to hydrophobic coating of the carbonic substrate.

Cuvinte cheie: polyaniline, cyclic voltammetry, polymeric thin film, carbonic substrate