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The multifunctional medical installation

Domenii publicaţii > Stiinte ingineresti + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Vasile Tudor

Editorial: 2011.


The medical installation can be used in personal households and hotels, for the hygiene and revitalization of the body through bathing and vibratory massage, and also in medical units, for physiotherapy through mud bathing or salts solutions, and through the exposure of the ailing parts of the body to an intense electromagnetic wave. Nowadays, there are various types of electromagnetic massage systems, which, although having a relatively simple construction scheme, have solid vibrating pieces, pretty uncomfortable when in contact with the human body, and with uncorrelated and limited to small areas actions. The new technical solution eliminates these disadvantages, because the electromagnetic vibratory massage device has a plane reinforcement on which there is an electric winding with two or more phases for producing a progressive magnetic field, of translation on the direction of the succession of phases, which produces mechanical waves in a ferrofluid pillow placed near it. The technical problem solved by this design is represented by the construction of a multifunctional electromagnetic device that assures the hygiene of the body and also its massage through mechanic waves produced in a mass of ferrofluid and the treatment of some affections of the body through the positive effect of some physical and chemical factors, like:
– highly concentrated salts solutions;
– thermal and pressure gradients;
– complex magnetic field configurations;
– electromotive tensions and induced currents.
The progressive magnetic field for the translation on the direction of the succession of phases can be generated by a tri-phase winding placed in the notches of a plane reinforcement that represents the ferromagnetic holder.
The electric circuits for each phase of the alimentation tension are formed of reels placed in series and alternatively wrapped in one sense and the other. The beginning extremities of the phase windings are tied separately to the electric alimentation terminals, while the end extremities of the phase windings are connected together to the null conductor. The electric alimentation is done through a star assembly, from the tri-phase alternative current network through some transformers with median plugs equipped with tri-phase switches, and some frequency switches, for the optimization of the function regime through the adjustment of the electric parameters. The resulting translation magnetic field, interacting with the ferrofluid mass, produces mechanical waves with a double frequency that assures the vibratory massage function of the prototype electromagnetic device. Another positive effect of the variable magnetic field, with implications in physiotherapy, is the induction in an average conductor, for instance a highly concentrated salts solution, of some electromotive tensions, and implicitly, of some electric currents whose amplitude is proportional with the variation speed of the inductor magnetic flux. The interaction forces between the inductor magnetic field and the induced currents draw into motion the electroconductor fluids, to which it is added the thermal effect of the induced currents. There follows an example of constructing the device, which represents the construction scheme of a multifunctional electromagnetic device. The vibrating massage device is formed of the bath tub number 1, the ferrofluid pillow number 2, the reinforcement number 3, with a ferromagnetic support function, and the diphase winding number 4 for producing the progressive magnetic field of displacement in the sense of the phase succession. Bath tub number 1 is made of dielectric waterproof materials, like polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene or polycarbonates. The O opening at the bottom of the bath tube number 1 is used for evacuating the liquids by detaching the plug that closes it. Pillow number 2 is made of rubber or plastics, being compartmentalized by interior walls which have openings for letting the ferrofluid moving from one compartment to the others. The mechanical resistance of pillow number 2 is increased by placing it inside a cover made of textiles. Reinforcement number 3 is made of iron – silicon sheet plates, laminated at cold and isolated with varnish, but one can also use ferrites, to decrease, at high frequencies, the energetic losses through the hysteresis effect and turbine currents. Diphase winding number 4 is made of copper wire isolated with varnish, being put in the notches of the ferromagnetic holder. The phase difference of π/2 rad of the electric currents that is to be found in the two phases of the winding number 4 is assured by an electrolytic condenser C of great capacity or even by a battery of condensers parallel connected, whose equivalent capacity is obtained by the addition of the capacities of the condensers of the derivation group. Each phase of winding 4 is composed of many reels, connected in series and alternatively wound now in one sense and then in the other, with the beginning extremities of the phase windings tied separately to the electric alimentation terminals, while the end extremities of the phase windings are connected together to the null conductor. The electric alimentation is done from the alternative current network through an electric auto-transformer and a frequency switch, equipment that enables the adjustment of the electric parameters. The resulting magnetic field produces mechanical waves with double frequency in the volume of the ferrofluid from pillow number 2, which are transmitted through its flexible walls, and if in the bath tube number 1 there is a salts solution, which contains positive and negative ions resulted from the electrolytic dissociation process, there are induced electromotive tensions and electric currents, whose amplitude is in proportion with the variation speed of the inductive magnetic flux. There are various ways of using the electromagnetic vibratory massage device, from the simple bathing with warm water and soap to the mud bath or concentrated salts solution physiotherapy, and also by exposing the body to the action of the magnetic field produced by the electric currents that move through the diphase winding, and whose frequency can be modified at various values with the help of the frequency converters. At high frequencies, the magnetic field has a benefic action on the body by warming the tissues, stimulating the metabolism and even destroying and replacing some affected (ailing) cells through the activation of the biologic functions of the healthy cells. After the removal of the pillow with ferrofluid number 2, the patient that is under treatment with electromagnetic flux lies down in the bath tube number 1 with the ailing part of the body near the magnetic field source number 4. The pillow with ferrofluid number 2 is placed under the patient at the end of the treatment session for a massage at low frequencies, determined with the help of the frequencies converter. The electromagnetic vibratory massage device can also be used for creating a medium of saturated vapours in a tight space, and in this case the bath tube number 1 is covered with a lid or an impermeable foil – with an opening for the head of the patient – after which there is introduced, through the O opening, warm water or even steam from an exterior source, having the output and temperature permanently checked, under the bearable limits of the body. The alternation of cold and warm water is an option for revitalizing the body. The treatment can be completed by exposing the patient to overpressure, underpressure and even controlled variations of pressure, processes realized by introducing and evacuating the air through the O opening with the help of a pump. For avoiding accidents, the complex treatment is to be done only under the surveillance of a qualified medical staff.

Cuvinte cheie: Ad Astra