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Oportunităţi pentru start-up-urile inovative

VentureConnect este prima iniţiativă din Romania ce susţine industria tehnologică şi pune în legatură directă tinerii antreprenori din zona IT, on-line şi tehnologie cu importante fonduri de investiţii naţionale şi internaţionale. VentureConnect a fost lansat in 2010 de catre Ana Maria Andronic (avocat senior la Biriş Goran) si Daniel Visoiu (partener la Biriş Goran) împreună cu un grup de antreprenori IT/on-line binecunoscuţi cum ar fi Marius Ghenea (antreprenor şi business-angel), Radu Georgescu (Preşedintele Gecad Group), Orlando Nicoară (Director General al Mediafax Group şi antreprenor on-line), Péter Barta (Director Executiv al Fundaţiei Post-Privatizare) şi Dragos Rouă (antreprenor on-line) .

Pentru aceasta toamnă, VentureConnect anunţă două editii locale: Cluj (12 Octombrie), Timisoara (19 Octombrie), urmate de întâlnirea finală din Bucuresti (23 Noiembrie). Pentru toate cele trei întâlniri VentureConnect şi-a confimat prezenţa Doug Richard, important investitor, antreprenor de succes si cu o experienţă bogată în dezvoltarea de incubatoare de afaceri internaţionale. Mai multe detalii se găsesc pe website-ul evenimentului:


School for Start-Ups or S4S is a wonderful program dedicated to Romanian entrepreneurs. What the program aims to achieve is making aspiring entrepreneurs start successful businesses and help the ones that have already started a business venture with their efforts to grow and constantly develop their ambitions. What the organizers lay emphasis on is that the program is a hands-on and intensive process. We were not the first ones to have such high ambitions and expectations, the program was pioneered in UK and for the Brits it went over 5,000 Euros per student. In Romania, the cost is covered 70% which shows that when there is a will, there is definitely also a way.

The registration for the 2012 program started, so all the entrepreneurs that wish to be part of the 2012 program should take action. Beginning with 2012, the program will expand throughout the entire region of South-Eastern Europe, with Timisoara becoming the new center of start-up learning, followed by Cluj and Bucharest. Interested entrepreneurs can register by the end of January 2012. Moreover, all the interested participants have the possibility to pay fee rates and also meet some interesting investors from UK at the end of the program.

To the 10,000 UK startups, 170 S4S Romanian students joined the community of better skilled entrepreneurs. The Romanian courses were held by Doug Richard and Marius Ghenea. With over 20 years experience in the development and management of technology and software companies, Doug Richard showed that entrepreneurship can and should be taught, giving participants real business lessons and instilling practical methods to achieve success. And Marius Ghenea is one of the best known names in Romania when it comes to entrepreneurship and business ventures. In 2012, School for Start-Ups aims to become the largest community of entrepreneurs from South-East Europe and we must admit this is quite a challenge.


Business Mentoring Program is the only intensive mentoring business and entrepreneurship development program in Romania that is supported by professors from the MIT Center for Entrepreneurship.

Our program is already tested, acknowledged, and has proven its efficiency both in Romania as well as in many other countries such as Great Britain, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Canada, Australia, etc. Business Mentoring Program has helped many people worldwide reach an essential level of development for their companies, passing them through all the stages that lead to the construction of a sustainable and successful business.

So, if you have your own business and want to increase your market share, to expand to international markets, to attract funding, and you are willing to invest in your own education to reach the “next level” and to provide long-term development for your business, take 10 minutes to read more about our program.