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Investigation on Cypress spurge (Euphorbia cyparissias L.) and its activity in the veterinary therapeutics

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Autori: Cristina R.T., J., Cosoroabă, A. Trif, D., Pârvu, Nicoleta Hădărugă, Eugenia Dumitrescu, Diana Argherie, Corina Costescu

Editorial: Radu Sestras, 1843-5270, AcademicPres Cluj Napoca, Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca. Veterinary Medicine, 1, p.358-363, 2008.


Paper presents researches about Euphorbia cyparissias’ structure. The great number of scientific
papers on this topic reveals that Euphorbia has in its structure; compounds with known activity especially
against cancer; in homeopathy; molluscocide; repellent and insecticide; antiviral; galactagoue etc. All of these
highlighted essential aspects about presence of the bioactive compounds in all parts of the plant; the main
components being sesquiterpenoids; with the preponderance of elemene si cariophyllene; great part of this being
found in his epoxydic state (as cariophyllene oxide). The sesquiterpenoids concentration diminished in the order:
root – stalk – inflorescence (elemene concentration was reduced to one third in the inflorescence extract
comparatively with the root’s one); in the same time than monotherpene and aromatic concentration grow in the
inflorescence samples. The TG analyse of pure β-ciclodextrine denoted a 11.7% mass loss to 100şC; loss rate
augmenting to 76.3% in 100 – 500şC temperature interval; with β-ciclodextrine’s decomposition. In the case of
Euphorbia T5/β-CD (5%) raw extract complex; the mass loss was lower than 8.9%; until 225şC; being registered
2.8% mass loss; probably corresponding to the encapsulated bio active’s compounds de complexion phase. A
similar behaviour was recorded for the Euphorbia T10/βCD (10%) raw complex; until 100şC; mass loss being of
8%; between 100 and 225 şC of 2.9%; with a total mass loss of ~78%. In the case of Euphorbia T5/T10/β-CD
concentrated extracts complex; the mass loss until 100şC was up to 11.9%; between 100 and 225şC; being under
1%. This fact can be translated as a loss / degradation of initial complexed bioactive compounds from the initial
extracts. The obtained results bring new data about pharmaco-chemical structure of Euphorbia cyparissias; the
research being fully justified through therapeutic multiple valences; but yet unclear known of this plant.

Cuvinte cheie: ethno pharmacology; Euphorbia cyparissias; CG-MS; TG-DTG; compounds