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Verification Winter School, Vienna, February 2012

The Austrian Society for Rigorous Systems Engineering
(ARiSE, and the Vienna Center for Logic and
Algorithms (VCLA, are organizing a joint winter
school on verification at Vienna University of Technology from
6-10 February 2012.
Apart from ARiSE/VCLA students, the school
will be open to outside students. We will have a limited number
of travel grants for motivated Master’s and outstanding
Bachelor’s students.

The preliminary list of speakers:
Patrice Godefroid, Microsoft Research – Invited Speaker
Thomas A. Henzinger – Model Checking Theory
Armin Biere – Satisfiability Solving for Propositional Logic
Laura Kovacs – Automated Theorem Proving
Krishnendu Chatterjee – Stochastic Games
Christoph Kirsch – Embedded Systems
Uwe Egly – Solving Quantified Boolean Formulas
Ulrich Schmid – Distributed Algorithms
Helmut Veith – Software Model Checking
Roderick Bloem – Synthesizing Correct Systems from Specifications

Students can register for the winter school by 15 December by email to In order to qualify for a grant, students should
(1) A letter of motivation,
(2) a transcript of courses and
grades with a translation into English by the applicant,
(3) the name and email address of a reference person.
The student would preferably have prior knowledge of mathematical logics and/or discrete

We will decide about the grants before Christmas.

I would be grateful if you could pass this information on to qualified
students in your department.

Thank you and best regards,

Laura Kovacs
on behalf of all organisers