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Academia Romana acorda premiul „Traian Vuia” domnului Florentin Smarandache

The Romanian Academy has awarded the „Traian Vuia” prize to Mr. Florentin Smarandache for his work on „The neutrosophic logic and the fusion of information in technical sciences”.

Traian Vuia was a renowned Romanian inventor and aviation pioneer who lived most of his active life in France. He was involved in establishing the „National Committee of Romanians from Transylvania” in 1918 and was active in the French Resistance during World War II.

The presidency of the Romanian Academy awarding the prize includes:

Ionel Haiduc (President)

Dan Berindei (Vicepresident)
Cristian Hera (Vicepresident)
Marius Sala (Vicepresident)
Ionel Valentin Vlad (Vicepresident)

Paun Ion Otiman (Secretary General).

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