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Design and simulation of a photovoltaic string with tracking mechanism

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Autori: Irina Tatu, Catalin Alexandru

Editorial: Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 10(9), p.1363-1370, 2011.


The paper presents a method to improve the efficiency of a photovoltaic (PV) string by employing a mono-axis tracking mechanism. The tracking system was optimized so that it has minimum energy consumption during tracking. The PV string simultaneously changes the daily position using a linear actuator which transmits the motion to all modules by a rack-pinion gear mechanism. The system is designed in virtual prototyping concept with the following software solutions: for the solid modelling – CATIA, for developing the mechanical model as multi-body system – ADAMS, and for the control system design – MATLAB/Simulink and ADAMS/Controls. The motion law was developed by a step-by-step tracking program, the application in this paper being performed for the summer solstice day.

Cuvinte cheie: mechatronic system, photovoltaic string, tracking mechanism, virtual prototyping