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LED-phototransistor linear mechanical-electrical optoisolator transducer

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Autori: Ioan-Marcel Ciurus, Mihai Dimian, Adrian Graur

Editorial: Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials - Rapid Communications, 4 (9), p.1366-1374, 2010.


Mechanical-electrical optoisolator transducers are position transducers which use as a sensor, a Polaroid optocoupler
specialized in converting rotation and/or translation movements into electrical signals. The used sensor is an analog device
whose transfer characteristic is non-linear. In this article is presented a method of linearizing this new type sensors’s
characteristic. The method is based on the analysis of the physical processes which take place within the Polaroid
optocoupler. The mechanical-electrical optoisolator transducer allows the extraction of the signals out of the areas with
intense electromagnetic field. Being an analog linear transducer, the signal generated by it doesn’t impose the use of a
microprocessor. This thing permits to obtain some systems of checking the position of a machine-tool’s components at a
low cost price.

Cuvinte cheie: Linear Transducer, Polaroid optocouplor, Polaroid filters, Polarized LED