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The analysis and optimization in virtual environment of the mechatronic tracking systems used for improving the photovoltaic conversion

Domenii publicaţii > Stiinte ingineresti + Tipuri publicaţii > Capitol de carte

Autori: Catalin Alexandru, Claudiu Pozna

Editorial: Federico Casolo, IN-TECH Education & Publishing, Motion Control, p.553-580, 2010.


The chapter presents researches in the field of increasing the efficiency of the solar energy conversion in electric energy, using tracking systems that change the position of the photovoltaic (PV) panel in order to maximize the solar radiation degree of use. From efficiency and safety point of view, we have selected a dual-axis equatorial tracking system, with two degrees of freedom. The both motions (daily and seasonal) are driven by rotary actuators, which integrate irreversible transmission for blocking the system in the intermediary positions, between actuatings.

Cuvinte cheie: motion control, tracking system, optimization