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Intuitionistic Fuzzy Methods in Optimal Software Reliability Allocation. In I. A. Ryabinin, E. D. Solojentsev (eds.)

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Autori: G. Albeanu, B. Burtschy, Fl. Popentiu-Vladicescu, G. I. Duda

Editorial: Modelling and Analysis of Safety and Risk in Complex Systems. Proceedings of the International Scientific School MA SR. July 6-10, 2010, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, p.206-212, 2010.


In this paper the optimal software reliability allocation problem is studied when complex architectures are used and various constraints applied. Firstly, the basic reliability model in the case of component-based development methodology and the classical optimization approach are described. In the next sections the intuitionistic fuzzy numbers and the intuitionistic fuzzy optimization are considered. New formulas and interpretations will be given in the context of intuitionistic fuzzy paradigm.

Cuvinte cheie: intuitionistic fuzzy numbers, reliability allocation // intuitionistic fuzzy numbers, reliability allocation