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Quality assurance for agile component-based software development. In H Pham, T Nakagawa (eds.)

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Autori: Averian A, Duda G, and Albeanu G

Editorial: Proceedings of the 15th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design, San Francisco, California, USA, August 6-8, 2009, p.100-104, 2009.


Component-based software development facilitates software reuse and promotes quality and productivity. Combining agile approach with some component-based methodology improves the software quality.

This paper describes the characteristics and benefits of using agile software development methodologies, mainly the adaptive software development approach mixed with COMO-DfT (the software reuse methodology for in-house software component design and development for trustability), in order to design, implement, test, and maintain the distributed software.

The conclusions are given based on a project concerning web-based software development for virtual campus life management.

Cuvinte cheie: software quality, agile component-based software development // software quality, agile component-based software development