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The influence of annealing treatments on the properties of Ag:TiO2

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Autori: R.C. Adochite, D. Munteanu, M. Torrell, L. Cunha, E. Alves, N.P. Barradas, A. Cavaleiro,

Editorial: Elsevier, Applied Surface Science, 258 (8), p.4028-4034, 2012.


The present paper reports on the preparation and characterization of DC reactive magnetron sputtered
Ag:TiO2 nanocomposite coatings, with a silver content of about 8 at.% (average estimation). The asdeposited
samples were subjected to annealing, in a protective atmosphere, at temperatures ranging
from 200 to 800 .C. Morphology, structure, hardness and friction behaviour were characterised after
each heat treatment. The cross-sections of the films were studied by transmission electron microscopy
(TEM). X-ray diffraction (XRD) was used to determine the thin-film structure and crystallinity as a function
of annealing temperature. XRD analysis confirmed the presence of silver in all the samples and the
crystallization of the TiO2 matrix for the samples annealed at temperatures above 300 .C. These structural
changes were also followed by significant morphological variations, which resulted in the change
of the mechanical properties of the films (hardness and Youngfs modulus) as well as of their tribological

Cuvinte cheie: Magnetron sputtering, Mechanical properties, Tribological properties,